Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Suburban Decay: Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion

Photographs of boxing legend Mike Tyson’s abandoned 1980s mansion in Southington, Ohio, have been widely circulated on the Internet in recent years (see here). Last August, however, photographer Danny Wills ventured to the vacant Ohio property for an impromptu photo session and has given new life to Tyson’s former home in a haunting new series of portraits.

The sets, titled Mike Tyson and his abandoned mansion and Mike Tyson and his choice of decor examine the boxer’s former home, exposing its faded grandeur in a new light. Wills’ lens captured big screen television sets with punched-in screens; broken telephones left for dead on zebra-print sheets; a lonely brass-framed bed; an empty ice cream sundae bar; and even a reflective self-portrait.

Check out the full image gallery over at PSFK

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