Friday, April 3, 2009


BMW Group Designworks USA has branched out into gaming computers, and their new "Level 10" PC tower concept for Thermaltake is a doozy. And like most Designworks project, beyond the eye-candy factor is a combination of philosophizing and functional-izing:

The inspiration for this approach the design team took right from the computer worlds themselves - expressiveness, virtual townscapes and futuristic game components served as orientation for the arrangement and the look of individual components.

Each high-quality component featured by the "Level 10" concept is enclosed within its own protective case, rendering it not only an integral part of the design but also guaranteeing interchangeability and transportability.

The concept also has an aesthetical answer to the physical necessity for best possible cooling, this also being associated with the virtual world of the gamer. The asymmetric arrangement of the robust vertical heatsink and the horizontally located individual components creates a strong architectural statement, clearly revealing the powerful cooling characteristics of the Thermaltake Gaming Tower.

Via: core77

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