Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google Chrome Campaign

After trickling across the Internet in various versions for over a year, Google Chrome recently started hawking itself with a series of U.K. television spots that speak to the intelligence and simplicity of the creative web developers behind it.

With the ambitious goal of coming up with "something we've never seen before," the advertising team set out to explain each of the browser's eight new features (speed, security, themes, stability, omnibox, incognito and new tab) using analogous physical scenarios. Using "low-fi techniques for a high-tech company," Google employs gorgeously elegant examples—a Rube Goldberg machine, large-scale crocheting, balloons and slingshots,—that shows off not just what their new software does but brands the company as one that thinks holistically, beyond the digital realm.

via: coolhunting.

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