Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Itokin Park x Amanda Visell – Bed Monster

It’s been about six months since we first mentioned Bed Monster, a collaborative resin project from Amanda Visell and Itokin Park (Kazuhiko Ito). As you can see from the unpainted proto shots above, things are rolling along and the final piece should be nothing short of amazing. Kazuhiko has taken the basic concept of a child and his Bed Monster and turned it up several whimsical notches with the inclusion of a toy room full of accessories including a mini Dragon Scout, mini phunt, mini grenade (based on Michelle Valigura’s grenade plushes), a teddy bear, and cozy slippers.

From the beginning this project has always felt like a ‘hit’ given Amanda and Kazuhiko’s complimentary styles, popularity, and Kazuhiko’s considerable sculpting ability and attention to detail (check out the teeth on the mini Dragon Scout). That’s clearly the case with this latest project update and how. Please note that the details in blue are placeholder stickers to be replaced with painted deco for the final product. No word on a drop date yet, but these pics make the wait easier or is that more agonizing ?

via: vinylpulse.

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