Friday, March 26, 2010

Scott Tolleson - BittaCritta proto

The very first look at the sculpt for BittaCritta, Scott Tolleson’s first original vinyl. Scott has made his name with a string of alternative material OG toys including the Tricycle Terror and Big Rollin’ Rascal resin figures as well as the wood Doc Von Block. Now, he’s taking the plunge by self-producing this grumpy lil’ one in a horned lizard suit.

Standing 6” tall, BittaCritta has plenty of personality – the snarled expression, the horn (not your typical symmetrical job, but bent back at an interesting angle), the eyes on the side of the costume, and the hefty tail. BittaCritta has 3 points of articulation (neck and shoulders) and is slated for three colorways. With a strong design, we’re looking forward to the arrival of Scott Tolleson’s self-produced baddie.

via: vinyl pulse.

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