Sunday, August 10, 2008

Suckadelic Bootlegs

Suckadelic has a trio of new bootleg releases. First up is the next installment of the Self-Bootlegging Vinyl Enterprise. As a nod to one of Suckadelic's most popular bootlegs, they'll be releasing Gay Empire: Sucklord 669. This hand-painted piece is limited to 50 pieces. It's numbered, repackaged and only 25 are available for $75 each. Secondly, the retro-style bootleg Afrodisiac: Scorpio. This Day-Glo Blacklight Series figure is limited to 50 pieces. Only 25 are being made available and will run $35 each. Finally, Suckadelic is releasing their newest Suckpeg. The Necromancer Suckpeg revives the Sucklord's nemesis in a limited run of 40 pieces (although only 20 will be made available) for $30 each.

via plasticandplush

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