Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pixel Hotel

by Kelsey Keith

"Playing on the idea of pixelation, the rooms and suites of the new Pixel Hotel in Linz, Austria, are scattered across the metropolitan area, blurring the definition of the classic hotel. Young and promising local architects were given a brief to convert various spaces—a garage, a workshop, and even a ship—into six hotel rooms.

The results range from an architecturally-fitted interior connected to an art gallery to a highly conceptual sanctum with furniture design by Thomas Feichtner (above). A short jaunt from center city and the Hauptplatz (Main Square) is a spacious loft with concrete floors and a bed encased in a vintage camping trailer, pictured below. Extra touches: a walk-in closet in a freight elevator and a hand-operated color photo projector.

The project is part of the Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture, an initiative designed to spark tourism in the city, stimulate the economy, and match government funds to creative endeavors.

Rates for Pixel Hotel begin at roughly $250 per night and, for a taste of local flavor, include breakfast in nearby cafes."

via: coolhunting.

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