Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skimmer: Social Aggregation by Fallon and Sierra Bravo

"With so many ways to stay socially connected these days it's difficult to keep track of it all. The new Adobe AIR application Skimmer sorts this problem out with its clean, minimal interface that conveniently aggregates Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Bebo activity in to a single list view while still allowing you expand each item to view the full details—all within the application. Skimmer also makes it easy to post status updates, Tweets, photos and videos to their respective sites. Conceived and designed by the Minneapolis-based ad brains at Fallon and built by nerd friends at Sierra Bravo, Skimmer improves upon your day-to-day interaction by removing distractions and providing an in-depth experience that is particularly suited to multimedia content."

via: coolhunting.

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