Thursday, September 3, 2009

Barneby Gates Wallpaper


Quintessentially English with a twist is the best way to describe these gorgeous designs from Barneby Gates. These new kids on the printing block produce beautiful wallpapers that embrace the past with a distinctive contemporary wit. Patterns show typical English influences of country houses, floral decor and heraldry, but on closer inspection have design details that merit a double take.


One, called Deer Damask, translates the iconic stag's head trophy on a hunting lodge wall into a repeated pattern of stag skulls. Available in either a rich masculine claret and gold or a contrastingly feminine pale blue and gold, it makes for a slightly rock n' roll twist on the theme of country pursuits. The Carpe Noctem (seize the night) design, a "contemporary take on British Heraldry design," features crests that depict various states of womanhood along with ironic mottos such as "we train to serve." Our favourite is the images of a voluptuous bare-chested woman and an inscription that reads, "Bovina Sancta" (Holy Cow!), below.


The creative female minds behind Barneby Gates are artist and illustrator Alice Gates and British Vogue's Living Editor Vanessa Barneby, a talented interior stylist. With their first collection, they have already turned the heads of influential players on the London design scene. For the upcoming London Design Festival Barneby Gates will showcase their work in Terence Conran's exclusive The Shop at Bluebird. All the wallpapers use PEFC certified paper and are printed in England using traditional techniques. They are available to buy online at Barneby Gates.

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