Friday, September 11, 2009

Superdeux – Auto + USBoombox


Artoyz Originals is gearing up for fall with a new crop of releases including SuperDeux’s retro themed Auto + USBoombox. Auto was created back in 2002 for the electronic band Auto and has been widely used on their album covers, posters, apparel and more. It’s gone through several proposed toy incarnations before the final version you see here. With the upcoming release as an art toy, Auto’s maturation as a character is complete.

The vinyl figure which is being released with the sidekick, USBoombox, mixes art toys and music both implicitly and explicitly. Each edition of the figure comes with its own exclusive soundtrack on USBoombox’s concealed 1gb USB flash drive. Clever concept, don’t think we’ve seen a USB flash drive as an art toy accessory.

Auto + USBoombox will be available in four editions – regular (700 pieces), Artoyz exclusive (above, 100 pieces), Europe (350 pieces) and US (350 pieces). That said, Superdeux’s clear streamlined graphics should attract collectors.

via: vinylpulse.

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