Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frank Kozik on art as commerce, freedom of speech

In a 2007 interview [video here] with Frank Kozik in his San Francisco art studio, Sean Stewart — who runs the highly addictive blog Babylon Falling — talks with the iconic artist about art as commerce, freedom of speech, and perhaps most interestingly, his lucrative entry into the designer toy market. The opening quote sets the tone, and gives a crash course in Kozik’s philosophy:

“I don’t have a political problem with making money,” Kozik says in the opening minutes of the interview. “Because if you have money then you can do cool shit, right? That’s how it works.”

And in explaining how it works, Kozik goes on to underscore how his anti-establishment viewpoint has never been censored in the course of his career:

“I have been producing sexual, anti-authoritarian, psychotic, crazy, fascist, communist, anti-fascist, pro-church, anti-church… every kind of graphic art work and opinions in interviews and every media magazine source, millions of websites. I have just fucking talked shit out my fucking ass against everybody and for everybody for 25 years and nobody has ever tried to suppress me, or fuck with me, or tell me what to do. I love America. There’s no bones about it.”

Watch the full video and interview here.

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