Friday, October 9, 2009

Tim Bavington: Up in Suze's Room

Inspired by riffs, album covers, guitar necks and other musical motifs, Tim Bavington's latest show features 16 paintings of his ultra-saturated stripes and shapes that vibrate with synesthetic intensity. To create his luscious canvases, the Las Vegas-based painter visualizes the sound into visual color systems, using an air brushing technique to achieve a high-impact sheen.

Works like the title piece's field of smudgy yellows, pumpkin orange and shades of red quite literally interpret the opening line, "Yellow strands mingle into red," of the Paul Weller song from which it gets its name. (Pictured at right, click image for detail.) "Judy is a Punk," on the other hand, abstracts the famed Ramones into slanted vertical lines of blues and reds with the occasional white and tan stripe. Divided into slightly offset rows, the effect relays the choppy chords of the song and all its feisty spirit. (Pictured after the jump, click for detail.)

For more of Bavington's data visualizations, pick up his monograph from Steidville or Amazon.

Up in Suze's Room
Through 10 October 2009
Jack Shaiman Gallery
513 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011 map
tel. +1 212 645 1701

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