Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vicolo Paglia Corta Jewelry

The free-spirited photography, fashion and graphic design group Vicolo Paglia Corta's amusing jewelry, comprised of computer parts and Lego pieces, has been slowly gaining notoriety.

The accessories speak to the motto of the Bologna-based studio—a quote from famed Italian designer Bruno Munari, "da cosa nasce cosa"—from something is born something.

The inventive Lego assemblages make for desirably colorful rings, brooches and necklaces that span Lomo-inspired cameras, hearts with windows, protruding flowers and aquatic creatures.

For a personalized look, Vicolo Paglia Corta's Spille Personalizzate pieces together letters from a Mac keyboard to spell out a favorite idea or name in the form of a brooch. They accept requests but ask that customers keep in mind aesthetic, ethics and a five-letter limit.

Many of these items are available from Far Fetch and Wok, where prices vary but generally range from €25-45. Cameras and keyboard rings sell on Farfetch. See the website for more conceptual pieces, like their vampires or circuit board brooches.

via: coolhunting.

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