Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sneakers

Japanese brand Diet Butcher Slim Skin’s fashioned-out high-top. Upcoming releases include three different patent colored versions which are set to debut next year, a pre-order over at Glaice is currently available.

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STPL Commercial

Nothing beats home-made fan commercials, and this is one, done for Staple Design without it being actually made by STPL, is one of the best in recent memory. With a cool vintage twist, the commercial is certainly an instant classic.

Source: Jeff Staple

CLOT 2008 Fall/Winter C.S.A. Collection

CLOT has released images from their upcoming 2008 fall/winter C.S.A. (CLOT Salvation Army) collection. The items begin releasing this Saturday, October 4th.

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A Bathing Ape Book signing by Nigo

This Saturday the 4th at colette Paris, Nigo will be holding a book signing for the celebration of A Bathing Ape’s 15th year anniversary. The book is a retrospective look at the last 15 years of his company and it’s evolution into the most popular streetwear label in Japan. The book will be available in various Bape camouflage covers, with a special colette blue cover limited to 300 units and only available at the signing event which begins at 11am.

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Crazy styling and production of Gile's Spring Summer 2009 runway show, the floor of which was painted with the graphic imagery of the 80's video game Pac-Man.


"I like working fast to have a quick result, that’s why I use simple forms to start. Then I leave the creation for awhile—hours, days, weeks—and [when I come back to] work on it again [I] add accessories, details, refining lights, shadows, texture. What really [matters to me are] not details but the [overall seductive] aspect."
-Olivier Bucheron aka Zamak

Check out also an interview at Newton.

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Crappycat adventure

CrappyCat is a fun and short flash-animated adventure based on the toy. Created by VanBeater, Trevor Van Meter.

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Monday, September 29, 2008


Greg Lynn has won the golden lion for the best installation project in the international exhibition at the biennale, for a series of furniture made from recycled children’s toys.

The objects include four different-sized tables with plastic panelite tops, a low bench,a storage wall, a coat rack and cylindrical shoe closet.

From the artist:

'my father worked for a corporation which produced blister packages', says lynn, 'plastics were the future and I was surrounded by it. now, almost half century later petrolium-based commodities are becoming new luxury items. I have two kids and they consume toys. I recycle their unused toys into 'bricks' to create furniture and usable objects.'the toys are laser scanned and digitized into a computer, their intersections are defined as cutting paths, a robot cuts their joints and connections with precision.the toy bricks then are welded together with a tool used to repair car fenders.

Evan Roth: X-Ray Messages

X-Ray screen Metal Plates.

By artist Evan Roth.

Evan Roth, is working on a "carry on" communication system. These metal places contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed.


By designer Emre Durmus.

The Blackbook M.is a mobile phone with slide out keyboard and Android OS.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hi-Can bed (can do anything)

"Hi-Can is an “High Fidelity Canopy” designed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino at Deta Design.

The Hi-Can features beautifully designed equipment that allows you to surf the web, watch movies, play games, and listen to music all from the comfort of your bed. There is even a slick looking control panel on the headboard that allows you to control other gadgets in the room.

At this point, the Hi-Can looks as though it is only a concept that is "coming soon."

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PELEG DESIGN: Shahar Peleg

"Shahar Peleg is a multi-disciplined designer who designs, develops and produces commercial products in small quantities. His products are sold in design stores in Israel and other countries including Japan, Singapore, and the US and have exhibited in numerous shows in Israel and the world."

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Puma First Round Sketch

Puma puts out another version of their first round model. Retail price for each is set at $2,980 NT (Approx. $93 USD).

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Arts Projects

All about toy and character design. The magazine should be out on October the 9th.

Amos Toys Vinyl Cat Toy

Amos Toys announces that they will be holding an online sale of this Vinyl Cat on Saturday, September 27th, at 1 pm for all their Gold and Silver members. No more details have been released yet.

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London Design Festival 08 Preview.

Mikael Alacoque

Source: MEDIAONEunltd and cpluv.

Diesel: SFW XXX

Originally done by SFW Porn, Diesel borrows the motif for it's upcoming anniversary. Directed for the upcoming Diesel XXX party by Keith Schofield and animated by Big Animal.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ferrari Motorcycle

Amir Glinik began researching his Ferrari motorcycle project back in 2005, worked on some of the sketches in 2006 and has been updating and evolving the project ever since. ‘Vintage and modern Ferrari projects influence my design. It’s a mix of what I find to be the best Ferrari lines, with the latest technology I could think of in terms of the engine and driveline,’ says Glinik. 'When you think of a Ferrari motorcycle, you probably imagine a V12 hanging between two wheels, but that was not my idea. For me, it was slicing a V4 out of one of the bigger Ferrari engines,’ says Glinik, who’s used an imaginary V4 based on the Ferrari Enzo’s mighty V12.

Looks amazing! Like an updated revision of Kaneda's bike from Akira!


Dupli.Casa is the latest recently completed project by architect, Jürgen Mayer H.

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Dorophy Tang x adidas

Hong Kong artist Dorophy Tang reunites with adidas on the “Kicks Discovery” World Tour taking place in Beijing. Dorophy Tang utilizes her trademark Shopping Baby as the basis to create 70 different pieces, each loosely inspired by adidas’ enviable collection of classics. A special limited edition Shopping Baby will be available for sale with a suggested price of ¥880 RMB | $103 USD. The event takes place from September 24th till October 12th on the 4th floor of adidas’ flagship store in Beijing.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

London street artist Slinkachu

By London street artist Slinkachu. The 28-year-old Devonian creates tiny, tiny, tiny diorama’s. His work is glued down, on walls, gutters, cracks, sidewalks, polls, manholes, etc. Check out his site and his book, get it here.

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American Rag & Cie Hi-Tops

By American Rag & Cie. The new American Rag & Cie Hi-Top Sneakers are now available at Hynm’s.

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