Friday, October 31, 2008

UBIQ x Disney - Mickey Mouse 80th Anni. FATIMA

November 18th will mark the 80th birthday of Mickey Mouse. In celebration of the 1928 debut of this iconic animated caricature, Disney partnered with a selected group of designers, artists, and brands, to create a limited merchandise collection. Aside from the previously mentioned Nemesis Project x Disney BLOC 28 BMX Bike, Disney also collaborated with Japanese sneaker label UBIQ in the designing of Mickey Mouse FATIMA. Both are now available for pre-release reservation at FLAUGE chapter of ZOZOTOWN shopping network.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Klein Bottle house / McBride Charles Ryan

Architect: McBride Charles Ryan - Rob McBride & Debbie-Lyn Ryan
Location: Mornington Peninsula, Australia
Project Team: Drew Williamson, Fang Cheah
Clients / Builders: Donna & Mark
Constructed Area: 258 sqm
Photographs: McBride Charles Ryan

"The Klein bottle is a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians. Klein bottle, mobius strips, boy surfaces, unique surfaces that while they may be distorted remain topologically the same. I.e. a donut will remain topologically a donut if you twist and distort it, it will only change topologically if it is cut."

MEDICOM TOY x Dr. Romanelli - Halloween BE@RBRICK

"The highly anticipated special project between Dr. Romanelli and MEDICOM TOY is finally in store. The 400% BE@RBRICK - Halloween Edition is comprised of an all clear plastic construction, with an anatomically correct, or at least its innards, painted on both front and back. The painted graphics superimposed one another, creating a 3-D visual image. The much sought after figure is a great addition for the upcoming Halloween next week. The MEDICOM TOY x Dr. Romanelli - 400% Halloween BE@RBRICK is now available at The-Glade online store."

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Rubik's Cube + Pantone = Rubitone

Brilliantly simple. From the portfolio of Ignacio Pilotto, an Argentinian designer.

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Jose Caballer on the Future of Web design

"Jose Caballer from THE_GROOP, gives a lunch-time lesson on the the future of webdesign and moving beyond the screen. There are some great little tidbits of simple considerations to make when designing for the future (16:9 aspect ratio, use of minimal separation using dotted lines, and his intro into the video of utilizing "big buttons")."

Hmmm...sounds like is right in the mix! :)

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Quolomo Fall 2008 Tees by Yasumasa Yonehara

"Quolomo’s Fall 2008 tees featuring photographs by Yasumasa Yonehara have hit Gorilla Concept Store’s webshop. Yonehara’s familiar style of photography is found in abundance throughout the entire selection of shirts."

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Koji Morimoto x Street Fighter animation

This got us excited!

This is the trailer for the new Street Fighter game. Our favorite animation director Koji Morimoto did the animation supervision.

colette x Virgil Abloh

Here's a new athletic t-shirt from colette in collaboration with Virgil Abloh. The t-shirt features a colette chain design on the front and it has been printed on a heavy Champion t-shirt.

Converse Jack Purcell Herringbone For J.Crew

"A really nice new Converse Jack Purcell in authentic wool herringbone wool from England have arrived at J.Crew. The sneaker is an instant classic and perfect for the colder months of the year. It is now exclusively available at J.Crew."

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Vael Project | Borg Low

As we see fashion trends swing toward clean cut shoes, Vael is One of the up and coming brands to look out for this year. The Borg low features premium leathers with leather linings and footbeds but most importantly Vibram outsoles which are undoubtedly the best in the business. Both colors available today at the David Z. flagship store as well as"

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The Lego-inspired Brick radiator from Italian heating products manufacturer Scirocco.

Architect Marco Baxadonne designed the aluminum radiator to conceal all copper piping and aluminum heating plates, making it thermally efficient and easy to transport.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paola Antonelli on Design and the Elastic Mind | Video on


MOMA design curator Paola Antonelli talks about the recent collaborations between scientists and designers and the new products, technology and concepts that have resulted.

New Work from Paul Shih

"Paul Shih has announced a few new products including My Deerest Friends. A sticker collection that features a total of 10 different deer character designs to collect, each pack contains 6 blind packaged stickers. These are now available from Paul's online store as well as Robio (73 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia).

The second new product is the Donut Pirate T-shirt. Based on his "Naturally Greed" paper diorama artwork, it's currently available from Paul's online store for $25."

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Diddy Buys Enyce

Diddy bought Enyce from Liz Claiborne. Liz Claiborne had bought the brand in 2003 for $114 Million. Diddy bought it for $20 Million. Check out Diddy’s statement about the purchase.

Barneys x Converse Perforated Leather Chuck Taylor

Converse joined forces with Barneys to create a premium version of the Chuck Taylor. They produced a perforated leather Chuck Taylor Hi in several colorways - white, black/gold and red. Now available at Barneys.

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Tuttuki Bako has low resolution LCD screen and one button. The only way to play with it, is to insert your finger.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kid Onion by Easy Hey

"The first figure by Easy Hey from Delkographik Studio is the Kid Onion vinyl piece. Released by Artoyz Originals, Kid Onion is a mysterious boy who's stuck in a vegetables body. The figure will be released on November 6th (at the opening of his solo exhibition at Artoyz Paris). This piece is approximately 4.5" tall and should retail around $39.90 each."

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More from the *A Bathing Ape® Book(Multi-Color)!

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Johnny Cupcakes “Oven Mitt” Belts

Johnny Cupcakes has just released some really cool looking belts. Leather, both brown and black, and with minimal branding.

The Hundreds x Medicom Toy “Adam Bomb” Preview

Los Angeles based streetwear label the Hundreds has been working with Japanese toy giant Medicom Toy on what looks to be a Adam Bomb toy. Unfortunately only the box can be seen in this preview but look for an update soon!


From the artist:

"My recent work revolves around notions of cultural consumption. I intend to create a tension between what is fun and what is grave in order to pose fundamental questions about the consequences of overconsuming. I employ humor and metaphor to simultaneously disarm the viewer and challenge them to evaluate the larger implications of our culture’s habit for making things disappear."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stimulant » From the Labs: Microsoft Surface + Nintendo Wii Mashup

Stimulant: Microsoft Surface + Nintendo Wii Mashup from Stimulant on Vimeo.

What do you get when you mash-up Microsoft Surface with a Nintendo Wii Balance Board? Pressure-sensitive surface computing!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Architects: Querkraft - Jakob Dunkl, Gerd Erhartt, Peter Sapp
Location: Neuhaus, Carinthia, Austria

The museum liaunig projects out on two sides over steep-sided ground, high up in the landscape. A cut through the hill marks a precise intervention in nature.

Planted into the site the new museum emerges more like a work of landart. Only a small part of the outstretched museum building is visible.

Cut through the hill, the main body of the museum slices through a densely-wooded, steep-sided embankment, providing an unparalleled view over the river drau seventy meters below.

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By Designers Freshwest.

The coffee table made from 50mm acrylic with miniature diving board, reflected and refracted light in such a way that it resembled the depth and hue of an actual swimming [pool].". Designers Freshwest successfully combine narrative and humour in their work and at Tent they presented three limited edition pieces including Pool, the other pieces were Lazy Chair, a concept seat that collapses as you approach it, and Akhenaten Lamp named for the Egyptian Pharaoh who worshipped the sun.