Friday, October 17, 2008


By electronic shadow.

At: youniverse, biennale of contemporary art, seville (in the charterhouse)
From: october 2nd, 2008 - january 11th, 2009

"The duo of electronic shadow, naziha mestaoui, architect and yacine ait kaci, multimedia creator, who work to merge the built environment with digital imagery, will be presenting their project 'ex-îles' at this year's biennale of contemporary art, seville, spain. 'ex-îles' is an interactive installation which consists of a 5 by 2 meter, 20 cm deep pool filled with luminous water and a numerical extension on the internet. Physical water is triggered into motion by a water pump that projects interactive images, as well as sounds, created by real water. two islands of light are located at either end of the pool. One represents a 'real' island and is located on the ground, while another situated in the pool is interpreted as a 'virtual' one. as visitors enter the space, they produce a natural luminous shadow which appears swimming across the pool. This silhouette leaves an illuminated line from one island to the other. The line indicates the presence of the visitor and corresponds to the course taken by the luminous shadow in the water."

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