Thursday, October 30, 2008

Klein Bottle house / McBride Charles Ryan

Architect: McBride Charles Ryan - Rob McBride & Debbie-Lyn Ryan
Location: Mornington Peninsula, Australia
Project Team: Drew Williamson, Fang Cheah
Clients / Builders: Donna & Mark
Constructed Area: 258 sqm
Photographs: McBride Charles Ryan

"The Klein bottle is a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians. Klein bottle, mobius strips, boy surfaces, unique surfaces that while they may be distorted remain topologically the same. I.e. a donut will remain topologically a donut if you twist and distort it, it will only change topologically if it is cut."


Unknown said...

Our plastering team, Hillview Interiors,, were proud to have completed the plastering on this exciting project.

Todd said...

Hi George! You guys at Hillview Interiors should be proud. AMAZING stuff!

Hugo said...

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