Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Madvillainy 2: The Box

CD: Madvillainy “2″ The Madlib Remix. 25 tracks.
7-INCH: “One Beer (Drunk Version)” Madlib’s original 2004 version, lost until recently on the floor of his Bomb Shelter studio. If you saw the studio you’d understand.
CASSETTE: The Madvillainy Demo Tape. 12 tracks, 36 minutes. This is the first and only official release of the infamous Madvillain demo that “leaked into cyberspace,” while the album was still in progress, as DOOM alludes to in the lyrics of “Rhinestone Cowboy.”
T-SHIRT: Nominated. Best Rolled L’s. Madvillain shirt.
COMIC BOOK: Meanwhile… the continuation of the All Caps video, included with the CD.

“Some might say its sacrilege to revisit a classic album like Madvillainy. You know, like George Lucas messing around with Star Wars and digitally inserting Jabba The Hut rapping with Han Solo. But Madlib’s never been one to respect convention - and he made this one for headphone listening before a ten-hour plane ride to Tokyo. But this reworking (we hate to say remix) was so good that, after we sat with it for a while, we decided that we had to make it available.”

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