Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pac-Man original drawings

Woah! Toru Iwatani, the designer behind Pac-Man, still carries around the original drawings for the video game.

via, Kotaku


Michael Jackson’s glove was sold at auction for $160,000.

Town Hall Hotel

As the name suggests, a beautifully built, early 1900s town hall houses London's newly renovated Town Hall Hotel in the East End's working class borough of Bethnal Green. While the building's façade is classic Edwardian baroque architectural style, the interior teems with modern elements juxtaposed with original ornate detailing.

The striking three-story De Montfort Suite (above), for example, preserves the original structure's embellished vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and Henry Poole sculptures, while integrating a modern appearance with clear glass room dividers and minimalist furniture.

Less grand in scale, the standard hotel rooms are equally well-designed, fitted with Hatt's custom-made bathroom furniture and offering a full supply of convenient amenities. In addition, Town Hall Hotel provides extended stay apartments which include a kitchenette and washing machine.

A nod to the town hall's 1930 art deco update, the hotel's bar provides a relaxed ambiance among its decoratively stylish space, suitable for a late night cocktail or business drinks.

With its distinct charm and well-designed layout, the Town Hall Hotel makes an appropriate and needed addition to the arts-enthused Bethnal Green neighborhood. Rates begin at £290 per night and vary depending on length of stay and reservations can be made through Design Hotels or the Town Hall Hotelwebsite.

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A Bathing Ape US Anniversary Tee

A Bathing Ape produce this special shirt in commemoration of their US webstore anniversary. The shirt comes in a white colorway and highlights the brand’s mascot, Baby Milo, in jumbo, pixelated form. An official drop is set for Monday, June 28th (12 Noon EST), exclusive through Sizes small through xx-large are available.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Haroon Mirza

“Birds of Pray”, 2010 by Haroon Mirza.

Burberry gets 3D

Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign embraces interactive media. Here’s a little video of the site in action, and after the jump another video featuring the models including Rose Huntington Whiteley.

BlackBarrett by Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2010 Sneakers

Under the BlackBarrett by Neil Barrett diffusion line, the designer presents two high top sneakers as part of his Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. The sneakers feature both leather and suede on the upper, as well as embossed accents, reminding of classis Wingtips.

Stampd 2010 Fall Steezy Hi

LA-based Stampd give us an inside look into an interesting upcoming model from the popular footwear brand. Dubbed the Steezy Hi, the kicks following the same mold as prior Stampd releases, while mimicking a particular “popular sneaker”, with a witty play on graphics. Look for these come August 2010.

KAWS at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Exhibition

The highly anticipated KAWS exhibition at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum took place this past weekend. Blending some of KAWS’ retrospective work with some new pieces. Some of KAWS’ largest pieces to date were also complimented by large scale figures. In addition, perhaps the most unforeseen KAWS creation of the exhibition was a preview of an upcoming MEDICOM TOY figure based on Pinocchio and embodying KAWS’ signature companion.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Plaza introduces the iPad Concierge

The Plaza, one of NY’s finer hotel/residences has entered the digital age starting this September when guests, upon checking into the hotel, will be offered iPads with a concierge app. The app will allow you to access hotel services, as well as pre-loaded newspapers, internet access, schedule wake-up calls and so much more.


The Sands Skypark Pool

The Sands Skypark Pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The infinity pool is 55 Stories up in the air and 150 meters long.


"Creamier," the latest volume in Phaidon's acclaimed "Cream" series, takes the pulse and forecasts the future of contemporary art. The book's 100 featured artists are the culmination of a carefully selected panel's survey of the most important contributors to the art world over the last five years.

This year's jury includes Debra Singer, director and chief curator of The Kitchen; Catherine Wood, curator of contemporary art and performance at Tate Modern; Yukie Kamiya, chief curator of the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art; Tirdad Zolghadr, who oversaw the United Arab Emirates Pavilion at the 2009 Venice Biennale; Adam Szymczyk, director of Kunsthalle Basel; and Kitty Scott, director of visual arts at the Banff Centre.

"Everyone knows that our curatorial choices are always about more than the artwork," explains Zolghadr in the book. "But I did want to offer a gesture, or impose an artificial limit of some sort. At the very least, my criteria pushed me to think beyond my usual suspects."

"Creamier" showcases an enterprising cross-section of breakthrough artists. Shedding the weight of a coffee-table tome and packaged in a box, the newspaper-style format of "Creamier" makes for a lighter, pleasurably tactile reading experience. With its release slated for 14 July 2010, you can pre-order your copy online for $40.

A BATHING APE PIRATE STORE Los Angeles & New York City

A BATHING APE’s PIRATE STORE concept will take over both US-flagship store next month. The concept which debuted back in Asia will offer fans a chance to cop archived and factory second pieces starting at 50% off. The PIRATE STORE NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES opened on Friday, June 25th and run until Wednesday, June 30th.

Kanye West’s Horus Chain & Pyramid Ring

Kanye West gives us a closer look into some dramatic jewelry, worn during the hip-hopper’s “Power” performance at last night’s 2010 BET Awards. Featured were an over-sized Horus chain and pyramid ring, each taking on an Egyptian motif. No additional information is available at the moment, but both are quite interesting nonetheless.

via: hypebeast.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cufflinks now in USB flash drive flavor

Carrying data on the sleeve will probably make a very formidable geek. In any case, the data will always be available close and at hand, or more precisely, at the cufflinks. The cufflink flash drives obviously work as cufflinks, but they are also capable of carrying 2GB of data each. The pair costs $195.

Via: GadgetVenue

Kung-fu Live

Kung-fu Live is a game that would let you immerse in the gameplay. It isn’t simply customizable, but customizable to the extent that your character in the game can be you in a digital avatar. Patented technology of the Helsinki based Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd. allows a webcam to replace the game controller.

With the webcam taking on the role of the controller, players themselves are transformed into gaming characters, albeit with the “abilities” the character would have. Apparently, the system is capable of doing real-time monitoring of the human body, and differentiate background and other visual issues from the player. Freemotion technology used in the game seems to be ready for primetime as the game itself is scheduled for a launch later this year.

Matthew Palladino

Matthew Palladino - Space Shuttle Columbia

The Only iPad Stand You will Ever want…Ever

A Macintosh modded to fit an iPad. Brilliant.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Space InvadAR

Space InvadAR is the first Augmented Reality game to show up for Android. It involves aliens attacking our dear planet, and the user of course has to save the day and get rid of those pesky invaders. All you need to do is aim the device’s camera towards a printed image of the planet (available at the game’s website) and shoot those aliens once they appear. The game is overpriced at $25, and since there’s no way a user can win the game, no matter how well you play it, you can’t save Earth. Video after the jump.

Via: TechCrunch

Chinese students create a Transformer using an old truck

The giant, 32-feet Transformer created by students at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China isn’t likely to star in one of Michael Bay’s movies, but with the huge sword and helmet, the 4 tons structure could find work in some video game. Leaving out the sword and a few parts of the face, most of this Transformer is made out of an old truck. The entire project cost somewhere around $4,470 and is likely based on the ancient Chinese hero Guan Gong.

Rosemarie Trockel

Rosemarie Trockel at Kunsthalle Zurich Rosemarie Trockel at Kunsthalle Zurich – Contemporary Art Daily

OLPC's XO-3 tablet coming in 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Artist makes replica of the Back to the Future II hoverboard

HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

A replica of the hoverboard seen in Back to the Futuer II has been created by artist Nils Guadagnin. An electromagnetic system keeps the hoverboard airborne, while a laser system keeps it balanced. Sadly, it can’t really bear much weight, so antics on a hoverboard will have to wait for a bit longer. Video after the jump.

Pimped two wheelers from Japan look like they came out of an anime

Pimped-up two wheelers of Japan look like they could have easily driven out of a manga. These aren’t just randomly decorated vehicles, but they look every part of the painstaking attention to detail that must have gone into each of these. It is the Big Scooter 250cc bike class that gets most of these decorations, and the modifications may cost up to $25,000. Well, that’s money well spent. More images after the jump.

Via: CNN Go