Monday, July 6, 2009

Closing galleries in NYC.

New York galleries, in contrast to the lively summer events in New York’s most famous beach community, seem to be closing at an alarming rate. At the beginning of the art-market recession, Jerry Saltz predicted that 50 galleries would go out of business. In a report last week, the New York Times said 25 galleries had closed. Coming up with an exact count is probably impossible, but herewith, a list of New York galleries that are not only closed, but missed.

A few date to the period before the economic collapse, but are included here all the same; other dealers are continuing to operate privately. Several galleries currently closed promise to return in the fall; these are not included in the listing here. The tentative total is 24: 31 Grand, Bellwether, Cohan and Leslie, Charles Cowles, Andreas Grimm, Gasser & Grunert, Buia Gallery, Cristinerose, Cynthia Broan, Clementine, Fruit & Flower Deli, Guild & Greyshkul, Kinz Tillou + Feigen, Lital Mehr, Moti Hasson, Andre Schlechtriem, Moeller Snow, Never Work, Oliver Kamm 5BE, Plane Space, The Proposition, Rare, Roebling Hall and Rivington Arms.

via: artnet.