Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kidrobot: Bo0oya Ghosts By Mad

Kidrobot gives us the inside on a few of the August releases and what happened to stick out the most was MAD’s newest line of mini series, the BoOoya Ghosts. What once were supposed to be zipper pulls, now turned blind box mini series just because they were too rad! 14 figures completes a set with some all new designs and a few re-done to fit the platform. These 2” figures will be haunting your local vinyl shop on August 6th. Each blind box includes trading car and some of the figures may come with accessories for $7.95 a box. MAD will also be at KR MIA for the opening of his Solo show on Friday, August 7th. The show is entitled “We're All Doomed!!”, where he will exhibit a ton of artwork based on the BoOoya figures.

via: vinylpulse.

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