Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Otto Real-Time Beatslicer

OTTO ~ demo.01 from Luca De Rosso on Vimeo.

Taking the remix to the next level, Otto is a new prototype that enables real-time manual beat slicing. The brainchild (and master's thesis) of Luca De Rosso, made using open-source hardware, the handheld electronic instrument lends the user the sense of holding the sampled music in their hands.

It works by connecting to a computer and using software to feed the sample into the device, which then displays a visualization of the music in lights. To see a demo, watch the above videos. The graphic representation enables precise cutting and manipulation, an interface sure to win fans among deejays and experimental musicians alike.

Though it's currently not on the market, check De Rosso's site for more info.

via Core77

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