Monday, July 13, 2009

iPhone 3GS mount enhances performance for guerrilla videographers

It's only been a few weeks since the iPhone 3GS burst on the scene with its new-found video capabilities, and already there are accessories making it easier for gonzo videography. Optical Widgets For Life Enhancement (OWLE) takes its shot at better stability and enhanced audio with this attachment, complete with a 37mm camcorder lens and front-facing microphone.

Simply snap an iPhone 3GS into this game controller-like mount, plug its front-facing microphone cable into the phone's headphone/mic jack, and it's ready to shoot. A couple things we're hoping for: a tripod mount on the bottom, and the impossible dream that its wide-angle lens won't hamper the iPhone's low-light performance.

This is a pretty ragged prototype, and its makers aren't saying when the $30-$50 attachment will be ready to ship. They're working on a way to plug it into the iPhone's 30-pin connector so it can record audio in stereo, and the ability to hook up external lighting and power, but they're saying those two enhancements won't be available in version 1.0. Another suggestion: make it less bulky.

Via: dvice.

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