Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Text via the artist's website:

Invent alternative ways. Troubleshooting, manufacturing, and Calendar Mark chatter. Glean, recycle, extend the life of obsolete items, technology and the fight against their alienation. Ask, question, influence, sarcasm, irony and paradox. I like the contradiction, I like poetry, simplicity and complexity together, surprise and amaze. I like people to smile when the piece explodes inside, I like, incite, I like to think that art has a transforming power, politics and creative, concrete and tangible results and with sublime and subtle effects. I like the tools, materials and enjoy transforming joy of the forms, I try my pieces have various levels of reading, I love the metaphor and puns. I love the humor simple and lucid. I like the sound and its ability to evoke and provoke. I enjoy the process and the collective work, I tend to be obsessive about good bill of parts. Playing the last science and doubt it, doubt everything, doubting the doubt itself, verge on the metaphysical comments and concluded., Fearless and fearful, I enfuerece arrogance and social injustice.

Via: ivanpuig

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