Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kidrobot Black

Hypebeast has revealed the first pic of Kidrobot's second "Black" piece by New York-based designer SSUR.

First impressions are it's nice to see KR not do an actual figure but instead something more sculptural. The SSUR relief pattern looks very nice on the all black skull, which itself seems like a good size (dare I say lifesize?!?) with those gold teeth really popping.

However if I have one criticism it's that "Black"'s 'manifesto' is: "Part of the goal of Kidrobot Black is to revisit this aesthetic and modernize it with cutting edge designs by Kidrobot’s top toy designers." So I'm guessing none of these designers nor KR have kept an eye on what comes out of Japan then, given that Secret Base have been doing skulls for a while now, making this about as cutting edge as sliced bread.

That said, it's great to see KR taking risks again as i'm sure this will divide opinions greatly. No word yet on the release date or run size (only that all "Black" pieces are limited) keep an eye out on:

via: cluttermag.

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