Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All My Friends Are Dead

A children's book for adults, "All My Friends Are Dead" cleverly illustrates the inevitable sadness we all will face—whether you're a tree, sock, pirate, cassette tape or other—when our friends cease to exist.

From the snowman whose friends all melt away to the house plant whose friends are slowly killed by humans, the book uses dark humor to shed light on the ubiquitous feeling of loneliness.

Written by actor Avery Monsen and journalist Jory John, "All My Friends Are Dead" sells online from Chronicle Books (where you can check out the lighthearted video short) or at Urban Outfitters stores for $10.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting about our book! We just made a new GIF with a few more free pages, so if you'd like to see a little more, go here:


Lucius said...

This can't work as a matter of fact, that is exactly what I believe.