Thursday, February 26, 2009


"For $125,000 (or $1500 for the DIY kits), these guys will craft your own personal hideaway, complete with uber cool ‘push the book’ switches, or rotating lamp switches or tilting candle holder switches or ‘holy batcave, Batman’, just too brilliant for words switches. Check out the animations and videos and then tell me you couldn’t think of a thousand great ways to use this stuff in the den. “A thief cannot burglarize a room he can’t find. Hidden doors and rooms provide safety in case of emergency and peace of mind when storing valuables. Every measure is taken to ensure that our motorized features are secure from unauthorized entry and safe to operate…Creative Home Engineering builds concealed features with security in mind. Biometric security devices like fingerprint scanners, optical imaging devices and voice recognition systems ensure the safety of valuables and loved ones.”

- Hidden Passageways

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