Friday, February 20, 2009

Michael Jackson's upcoming auction ranges from awesome to awesomely creepy

"Sometimes crazy gadgets and knick-knacks come from surprising places — take Michael Jackson's collection, for instance. He's auctioning off a bunch of movie props and expensive toys this April, including the robotic head, pictured above, that brought robo-Michael to life in his singer-turned-superhero movie, Moonwalker. Never saw it? It's worth a rental (watched in fast forward), if only to see him turn into a car as he flees from Joe Pesci's stormtroopers. The head opens up and flashes a bunch of lights at the press of a button and will start at $2,000 to $3,000.

The car from Moonwalker isn't heading for the auction block, but a $5,000 golf cart with a hood decal featuring Jackson as Peter Pan is. There's also a similarly priced and less creepy Sega flight simulator, Edward's scissor-hands, a fortune-telling automaton, and a $160,000 limo with a regal interior designed by Jackson himself."

via: dvice.

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