Wednesday, February 25, 2009

new ROJO website

The uncertainty is one of the most powerful mechanisms of ROJO. We do not want to refer here to the intrinsic quality of the artistic creation of not being capable of giving a convincing definition on itself, but to the capacity of the work of printed art to recall in its spectator a multitude of questions, many more of those that its own creator supposed.

It is a mechanism that allows ROJO to spread a sensation that at the same time turns out to be vague, blurry and worrying. Any publishing practice has implicit this consideration: few ones are those who do not understand ROJO as a communication act, a flow among two subjects. It is not necessary to clarify that both, magazine and spectator, are equally active and together they compose the publishing work and everything that wraps to this one, on the base of its accumulated experiences and so many other variables more. The uncertainty to which we refer is the one that stamps on the work on this context an only value: the aptitude to initiate a dialogue of questions to present, of waving whom one finds contemplating it, and sometimes ... to blush.

This quality is probably one of that more surprises in this project. Its content, the links between collaborations that compose its particular universe, are specially worrying matters for the extent of impressions that generate among its spectators. Creativity of here, there and from overseas also, but simultaneously out of the space and the time, compiled under criteria of non-temporality giving to every ROJO project an everlasting prominent condition. Cured creativity, with a good load of ambiguous and undefinable values, creativity that presents all its possible faces, staying its reading, its interpretation, to the disposition of our capacities and (though it is hard to be recognized) our desires.

Introducing the new ROJO website

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