Monday, February 16, 2009

STAR WARS: The Force Trainer

"The Force Trainer is the most compelling in a new line of STAR WARS Science toys by the well known educational toy company Uncle Milton.

To use The Force Trainer (recommended for ages 8+) you put on a headset that features dry EEG sensors and technology developed by NeuroSky; the sensors read your brainwaves, and the brainwaves are then translated to the fan in the column of the toy—the better your concentration, the more you are able to control the fan and the ball rises or falls. The Force Trainer has 15 training levels, and Yoda serves as your Jedi Master, helping you along the way with training tips and sound effects. The Force Trainer should hit stores shelves by September 2009 for around $130, and is certain to be a popular item for the holidays.

Mattel previewed Mind Flex, a toy that similarly uses dry EEG technology, at CES 2009 (see story here). It won't be long after these products launch that you'll see them popping up in dorm rooms and frat houses, finally creating an alternative to beer pong.

The rest of the STAR WARS Science line will show up at retailers in July 2009 with prices around $25-$45, and includes: The STAR WARS Optical Command Unit, which teaches optics; the STAR WARS Darth Vader Robotic Arm, which teaches robotics in medical science; the STAR WARS Naboo Sea Creatures set, which features an aquatic environment where you can grow Triops Longicaudatus; the STAR WARS Dagobah Frog Habitat, where you can hatch tadpoles; the STAR WARS Jedi Telescope, which includes audio content and sound effects; the STAR WARS Jedi Projector, which projects images of STAR WARS vehicles and compares them to those on Earth; and the STAR WARS Mustafar Volcano Kit, which teaches how volcanoes work."

via: coolhunting.


puddy said...

Coolest. Toy. Ever.

Todd said...

Yeah, Puddy- we are sooo living in the future!

Ralph said...

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