Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lake Monsters: Chris Ryniak’s Big Muscamoot

"Now this is cool. Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink are readying a new artist series featuring original monster figures. In an interesting twist, Lake Monsters will feature rotocast vinyl produced in china that will then be hand-painted in the States. If that’s not a first, it’s certainly very rare.

Painter, sculptor, and mad man Chris Ryniak has been taped to do several of the sculpts for the series. A great choice as Chris has an uncanny knack for brining the macabre, strange, and well wondrous to life with a startling real unreality. His imagination and creativity are on full display for the first figure which he designed and sculpted – Big Muscamoot. This is Chris’s first (and well-deserved) original vinyl fig.

The first drop is slated for sometime this spring. We’re definitely looking forward to it and whatever else emerges from the slimy depths."

Source: Vinylpulse.

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