Friday, October 23, 2009


A sculpture for the wild books. This bodacious creation was birthed from the brain of sculptor Chen Wenling. His works include nothing less than weird, wild, and wicked! This particular sculpture is called “What You See Might Not Be Real” and is part of a new exhibition at Joy Art Gallery called “Emergency Escape.” Generally his exhibitions include a bunch of characters that sit inside a single theme (like pigs, or monotone Red people), so this is a fabulous departure of style and a crashing crank to subject matter. Discover for yourself the hugeness of this farting bull, and discover the celebrity devil he’s destroying.

The big fart! “放屁“ (fang pi) in Chinese literally means to fart but in slang it means to bluff or lie. Chen Wenling’s previous exhibition was called “God of Materialism” at the Asia Art Center - logical transition to the subject matter here, yes? The bull is the economy, the man being smashed? Bernie Madoff. What a lovely composition!

Made of fiberglass, various paints, 20+ feet tall.

Joy Art Gallery
Beijing, China
Chen Wenling Solo Exhibition
Curator: Huang Du
Displayed through October 11 2009

Via: worldfamousdesignjunkies

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