Friday, October 23, 2009


Thouse is situated on the top of a hill on Antiparos, in the Cycladic islands, Greece. There was a lot of challenges in designing it related to its position. First of all there was a need to protect living areas from strong winds of the Aegean Sea and to hide them from the settlement at the foot of the hill. That’s why part of the house was dug into the landscape. In the result, the house is not only protected from wind but only its second store is visible from the village. Stone surfaces defines borders of the Krater house. A 25 meter long lap pool is located at the Krater’s west part which also features amazing sea views. The kitchen’s windows frame views of the pool and its infinity-edge. A courtyard is also protected from winds and is separated from living area only with large glass sliding doors that blur the boundaries between it and the interior space.

Via: digsdigs

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